“Hagarty is absolutely on my radar of directors to keep an eye out for."

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Catch 'Home in Time'
at festivals in 2019:

Canadian Film Fest - Toronto
March 23rd, 2:45pm, Shorts Program #2
Scotiabank Theatre

The last BravoFACT short ever is a doozy!
HOME IN TIME is a bat-shit crazy, Christmas time-travel comedy, written & directed by Patrick Hagarty



Art / Dance Film


Music Video


Music Video

"...It takes a special sort of genius to be able to pull off witty, free-flowing comedy… and Hagarty is just such a creative… 'The Golden Ticket' is hands down one of my favourite short films."

The Arts Guild

“…this is a legit piece of comedy with a multitude of well acted vingnettes filmed superbly and at a pace that never leaves you lingering for a chuckle. Damn fine film, Patrick, damn fine."

Ain’t it Cool News


Writer / Director

Torch-Head Productions’ focus is producing the work of writer/director Patrick Hagarty.

Hagarty is a Toronto-based Writer / Director, and twenty-year film industry veteran.
He works as a 1st AD, and 2nd Unit Director on large film and TV productions throughout Canada. He is also an accomplished painter, who has exhibited and sold work internationally.

Hagarty’s first BravoFACT short 'Dave vs Death' had a very successful festival and awards run in 2012. His follow-up 'The Golden Ticket' lit up the international festival circuit in 2013/14, picking up many nominations & wins including the 2014 DGC Award for 'Best Short Film’.

Hagarty’s third BravoFACT short ‘Home in Time’ is the very last one to ever be funded, as they have now shuttered the program. The wild, irreverent, Christmas time-travel comedy hits festivals in 2019.

Hagarty is currently pitching ‘Time Tours’ the series, a spin-off of the ‘Home in Time’ short. He also has a feature film in late stages of development. His adaptation of the hit play ’52 Pick-Up’ will shoot in 2019. 


Narrative, Comedy, music video, dance...

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